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My Sim Academy is proud to announce the launch of our Youth Pilot Mentorship program!  This 15-hour program is perfect for kids ages 10-15 who have an interest in aviation as well as those that may have a fear of flying.  Mentored by a licensed pilot, kids will learn the basics of flight.  This includes 5-hours of ground discussion which is similar to ground school for pilots and 10-hours of simulator time. 

We will cover the following topics;

  • Aircraft familiarization
  • Flight safety
  • Pre-flighting an actual Cessna 152
  • 4 forces of flight (Lift, Drag, Weight, Thrust)
  • Air traffic control
  • Use of checklists
  • Startup, Taxi, Takeoff and Landing
  • The airport traffic pattern
  • Cross country planning to wherever you would like to go!
  • Basic weather planning
  • Stalls, Slow flight, Basic aircraft controls
  • Airports/Airspace and rules

All flights will be completed in the safety of our full motion, state of the art simulator.  Halfway through the program, parents will be invited to fly along with their kids in solo flight! 

At the conclusion of the program, each student will be paired with a Certified Flight Instructor in the simulator where they will safely demonstrate what they have learned. They will leave the program having earned their very first official pilot training hour toward a Private Pilot Certificate.  Who knows, they may even choose to continue their training!

The schedule is based on the availability of the simulator and your mentor, but we offer evening and weekend hours to make it as convenient as possible.

Our full-motion simulator is like no other.  It feels and acts just like the real aircraft.  Still unsure?  Take it for a free 15-minute demo ride!

Give us a call at 908-315-5599.

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