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Subscription Terms & Conditions

  • Individual memberships are for individual members only.
  • Family subscription allows for all members within the same household.
  • Monthly subscriptions require 12 month commitment and will automatically renew.
  • Yearly subscriptions will run full term without cancellation.
  • Subscriptions will be billed with a credit card which must be kept on file.  Any returned or declined subscription payments will result in a $25 fee and suspension of privileges.
  • All subscriptions permit the use of any of the 51 different aircraft configurations including the G1000.  Other aircraft configurations must be requested in advance.
  • Members are not be permitted to change panels or controls.  Aircraft configuration will be performed by MSA staff only
  • Access to the facility between the hours of 9am and 10pm 7 days per week except holidays.
  • Members may bring their own instructors provided a full system checkout is completed with MSA staff.  MSA staff will register all Instructors before first use.
  • All subscribers will be provided a 1.5 hour checkout on the equipment for solo use.
  • Each reservation will be for a maximum of 1.5 hobbs hours.  No more than 4 reservations will be permitted on the schedule at one time.
  • Members may reserve two sessions in one day provided they are not concurrent.  If you book a morning session, you can book another afternoon or evening session.
  • All reservations cancelled within 24 hours of your session will incur a $10 service fee and billed to your account.
  • MSA may alter the Terms and Conditions at any time with at least 30 days prior notice via email.
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