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My Sim Academy offers specialized instructional courses using The MAX where you will gain practical experience in a less stressful environment.  Each course provides both ground instruction and flight instruction in the simulator.

Flying the NYC SFRA (Hudson Exclusion)

Ever wanted to fly the Hudson Exclusion or Hudson transition through the Class B airspace while taking in the sights of the New York City skyline?  In this program, our Certified Flight Instructor will walk you through all that is necessary to successfully navigate the SFRA safely.  First, your instructor will show you the complex airspace you must navigate.  Then, jump in the full motion simulator and actually fly the exclusion.

You should expect .5 hours of ground instruction and 1.5 hours of simulated flight time.

Program Cost: $199.95


Right Seat Safety (Pinch Hitter)

This course is perfect for passengers such as your children or significant other.  Otherwise known as the pinch-hitter course, our RSS course will give students one-hour of ground instruction, and two-hours of simulator time with a Certified Flight Instructor.  On the ground, you will learn what to do if you find yourself in an emergency situation in the air as a passenger.  In the simulator, you will put those skills to the test during a mock emergency procedure in which will have to actually land the aircraft.

At the end of the program, you will receive a certificate of completion and the confidence you will know what to do in an actual emergency in flight.

Program Cost:  $259.99

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