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Logbook Instructions

First, you should download and keep a copy of the Letter Of Authorization which was issued by the FAA for the DCX MAX.  Your DPE will want to see this when you go for your checkride to validate the AATD is approved.

In the “N” number column, record the type of simulator, “DCX MAX/AATD”. This lets a DPE/Examiner know the type and level of the simulator and its eligibility for time towards a certificate, rating or instrument experience (currency).

In the “Type” column, note the actual aircraft flown in the simulator. This is required information as some DPE/Examiners only allow multi-engine AATD time to count towards a commercial ticket if flying in a multiengine aircraft.

In the “To” and “From” columns, note the airports used (visited) in the simulator.

The “SEL”, “MEL”, “Day/Night” and “Cross-Country” columns should be left blank. These columns are designated for actual aircraft flight. Similarly, do not log “Landings” (i.e. 90-day day/night landing currency cannot be performed in an AATD)

In the “Approach” column, log the number of approaches performed in the simulator. The criteria for an approach is the same as in an aircraft, i.e. passing the FAF in IMC and breaking out at or above DA/MDA with subsequent landing or executing a missed approach.

In actual IMC, no time is logged. In simulated IMC (hood or IMC in AATD), log the actual time in IMC. For example, in a 1.8 hour simulator session, it is typical to log about 1.5 simulated IMC.

In the “FTD” or “Flight Simulator” column, log the total time in the simulator.

In the “Total Flight” column, log all applicable simulator time as this shows the “pilot experience” time. A DPE/Examiner can see the time in SEL/MEL for actual aircraft time and AATD time for simulator time. The combination of both is the pilot experience.

In the “Dual” column, log all of the time the instructor is present. If an Instrument/ATP rated pilot is flying solo to meet their instrument experience (currency) requirements, then no dual time is logged.

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