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Introducing the Student Private Pilot Club!

Each private pilot student will be provided unlimited use of the simulator.  This is the perfect opportunity to practice everything your working on with your instructor including

  • ATC Communication/Phraseology
  • Cross Country Flight Planning
  • Airport Familiarization
  • VOR Tracking
  • Emergencies such as engine out or vacuum pump failure
  • Much more!

You can even bring your instructor and log up to 2.5 hours in our AATD towards your certificate.

Includes: 225 degree visuals, full-motion, any single engine aircraft, dynamic control loading, GNS530W, foreflight connectivity, 4-station intercom, sim operator*


One booking per day up to 1.5 hours schedule permitting in a single engine simulated aircraft. Only 3 reservations permitted at any one time. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Instructor is needed to log 2.5 hours toward PPL, but not required if you do not wish to log the time. Instructor fee is not included. 3 month commitment required with automatic payments charged to your credit card on file. G1000 not included. 2% credit card surcharge will apply. Checkout required to use the equipment without an instructor or operator. Offer only valid for the subscribed member and cannot be used to provide flight instruction to others. $25 cancellation fee applies to any bookings canceled without 24 hours notice.


My Sim Academy is conveniently located at Solberg Airport (N51) which is about one hour from Philadelphia or New York City!

The “MAX”, Our full-motion, FAA Approved AATD is the only DCX MAX with motion in New Jersey.  It can accurately represent a fleet of 36 different single, complex and multi-engine aircraft including a fully functional G1000 glass cockpit. You will be amazed at the 225-degree wrap around visuals, PilotEdge ATC services, and dual dynamically loaded controls as if you were in the cockpit of a real aircraft. A full-featured instructor console provides your instructor with over 100 possible failures.

Instrument students can save money by logging up to 20 hours in the “MAX” with one of our highly skilled instructors, or you can bring your own! After you receive your rating, continue to use the “MAX” for currency.  Learn and perfect procedures before taking flight with confidence.

You do not need to use an instructor to use our equipment!  A checkout will be required to use the equipment solo without an instructor or operator but an operator can be provide at no charge during select times.

Give the gift of flying.  Purchase a gift certificate for your favorite pilot!

We are seeking skilled, reliable, freelance Certified Flight Instructors to teach in our AATD!  Send your resume for immediate consideration.

1 day ago

My Sim Academy

Student and instructor are setting up the VOR 24 approach at N87 at night. The Instructor just said “This is better than Flight Safety”... So awesome to hear this from a very experienced independent instructor. #flightsafety #FAAapproved #flighttraining ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

My Sim Academy

These guys made a good decision canceling the aircraft and getting in the sim. Here is the #currentsituation here at Solberg. ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

My Sim Academy

Back in the Duchess. The DCX MAX is helping this pilot get accustomed to procedures before getting in the real airplane at half the cost! That being said, I wonder if he will notice that I just failed his oil pump... #MEL #aviation #flighttraining #mysimacademy ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

My Sim Academy

We’re planning a 300 mile VFR cross country using dead reckoning then testing our calculations in the sim. When was the last time you left the iPad in the bag, shut off the GPS and went to the charts? #flightplanning #deadreckoning #alwayslearning #flighttraining ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

My Sim Academy

Flying the VOR 31 DME Arc at KACY today. 🙄 ... See MoreSee Less

  • Bedminster/Morristown TFR from August 9 - 18 - Times TBD. Book your sim time today!
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