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My Sim Academy is an independent, Veteran owned business conveniently located in the main building at Solberg Airport (N51) which is about one hour from Philadelphia or New York City!

The “MAX”, Our full-motion, FAA Approved AATD is the only DCX MAX with motion in New Jersey.  It can accurately represent a fleet of 51 different single, complex, multi-engine, turboprop and jet aircraft including a fully functional G1000 glass cockpit. You will be amazed at the 225-degree wrap around visuals, PilotEdge ATC services, and dual dynamically loaded controls as if you were in the cockpit of a real aircraft. A full-featured instructor console provides your instructor with over 100 possible failures.

Instrument students can save money by logging up to 20 hours in the “MAX” with one of our highly skilled instructors, or you can bring your own! After you receive your rating, continue to use the “MAX” for currency.  Learn and perfect procedures before taking flight with confidence.

You do not need to use an instructor to use our equipment!  A checkout will be required to use the equipment solo without an instructor or operator but an operator can be provide at no charge during select times.

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15Apr 20
Flying The Missed Approach

Flying The Missed Approach

INTRODUCTION One of the more challenging maneuvers while flying on instruments is the missed approach. Arriving at the missed approach point while still in the weather requires a complete change…

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1 week ago

My Sim Academy

Congratulations to Frank Deluca for passing his multi-engine checkride today. He used the DCXMAX to help him prepare! Our training device makes you feel like your in the real airplane. Stop flying at a desk and come checkout the full motion DCXMAX. #checkride #multiengine #aviation #flying #g1000 🎊🎉🍾🎈 ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

My Sim Academy

To drive the point home of our last video, take a look at the outcome of this vacuum pump failure. Note the airspeed. We paused this simulation right before impact. You won’t have that opportunity in the aircraft. Training should never stop. #AviationSafety #instrumenttraining #partialpanel #twosoulsonboard ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

My Sim Academy

See anything wrong? You don’t want this happening in the airplane in IFR conditions but if it does, you want to be proficient and know exactly what to do. How often do you simulate partial panel? Think your proficient? Come in and give it a try. #aviationsafety #SolbergAirport #instrumenttraining #MorristownAirport #PrincetonAirport #centraljerseyairport #SomersetAirport ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

My Sim Academy

Took to the sky’s today because not every day can be simulated. Our office view today. #Wildwood #CrossCountry #IFR #PilotEdge #CapeMay #NewJersey ... See MoreSee Less

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