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My Sim Academy is conveniently located at Solberg Airport (N51) which is about one hour from Philadelphia or New York City!

The “MAX”, Our full-motion, FAA Approved AATD is the only DCX MAX with motion in New Jersey.  It can accurately represent a fleet of 36 different single, complex and multi-engine aircraft including a fully functional G1000 glass cockpit. You will be amazed at the 225-degree wrap around visuals, PilotEdge ATC services, and dual dynamically loaded controls as if you were in the cockpit of a real aircraft. A full-featured instructor console provides your instructor with over 100 possible failures.

Instrument students can save money by logging up to 20 hours in the “MAX” with one of our highly skilled instructors, or you can bring your own! After you receive your rating, continue to use the “MAX” for currency.  Learn and perfect procedures before taking flight with confidence.

Give the gift of flying.  Purchase a gift certificate for your favorite pilot!

We are seeking skilled, reliable, freelance Certified Flight Instructors to teach in our AATD!  Send your resume for immediate consideration.

1 week ago

My Sim Academy

My Sim Academy is proud to announce the launch of our Youth Pilot Mentorship program! This 15-hour program is perfect for kids ages 10-15 who have an interest in aviation as well as those that may have a fear of flying. Mentored by a licensed pilot, kids will learn the basics of flight. This includes 5-hours of ground discussion which is similar to ground school for pilots and 10-hours of simulator time.

Read more about the program on our website:
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2 weeks ago

My Sim Academy

With the TFR still in effect, a primary student is continuing his training with his CFI and working on flying the traffic pattern, radio calls, and how to identify carberator icing. The operator can create a situation in the simulator that can replicate those conditions along with the gradual drop in RPM you would experience in the aircraft.

You have to see it to appreciate it. Come out to Solberg-Hunterdon Airport and check out the equipment. Give us a call and schedule an appointment at 908-315-5599.

Want to fly solo to practice a cross country, or maybe you want to bring your instructor? No problem! Your provided a operator who allows you to focus on flying and instruction. We will take care of the rest. Flight schools are also welcome.

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2 weeks ago

My Sim Academy

For our first flight today, the student and instructor are heading from Solberg to Allentown for some Instrument work. Foreflight told us we were inside the TFR so now we are waiting on the F-18’s. 🤷‍♂️ #InTheSoup #SayNoToFoggles #ReadbackCorrect #flightsafety #FAAApproved #aviation ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

My Sim Academy

Welcome President Trump to Bedminster! The TFR is now in effect but not in our sim! Come on down to @solbergairport and book some time in our full motion sim. Bring your instructor! Maybe President Trump wants to take a ride in the sim? 🤷‍♂️ #tfr #faaapproved #AATD #flighttraining ... See MoreSee Less

  • Bedminster/Morristown TFR July 19-21. Schedule your simulator time today!
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